Load Bank Testing for Generators


The purpose of a backup generator set is to provide reliable power to your facility or commercial operations during an emergency situation when mains power is suddenly lost or unavailable in an environmental area. In the event of a power outage, you need peace of mind knowing that your backup power source will always work. But what happens when the power goes out and your generator set doesn’t work as expected? Here at Choon Huat , we offer LOAD BANK testing for 0-2000KVA Generators.

Smaller sized load bank

The results can often be costly and sometimes catastrophic. This is precisely why generator load bank testing is an essential part of a comprehensive generator preventive maintenance plan, which you should ideally perform on your generator(s). yourself every year. Load bank testing helps ensure that your generator will be completely reliable and operational, as well as fully capable of carrying the highest possible loads that need to be handled at all critical times.

What is Generator Load bank testing?

Generator load bank testing includes testing and evaluation of generating sets.
It verifies that all major components of the generating set are in good working order under load conditions. Equipment used to perform load bank tests creates an artificial load on the generator by bringing the engine to the proper operating temperature and pressure. This is especially important for back-up and standby generating sets that are infrequently operating and/or may not be frequently exposed to heavy loads.
The general rule is: If your generator is not exposed to more than 30% of its rated load in kW, you should consider load testing.
Load bank testing ensures that your generating set will run as needed so you can be completely dependent on it in case of an emergency. The key to a good load bank test is that it tests your generator at its nominal output power in kilowatts (kW). Because many generators do not regularly run at their full rated power, it is especially important that you verify that your generator can actually produce the highest power it may need – in while maintaining acceptable temperature and pressure levels. to run as long as necessary.

Undergoing a Load Bank Test

When the load bank test is performed, an artificial load is placed on the generator. The test is timed and increments the kW load in specific increments. Every time the kW load is increased, the engine and generator parameters are saved. Test the generator’s acceleration handling and ability to continue operating at the highest possible level for an extended period of time. The equipment required to perform the test includes a range of loads (machine with nominal size in kW and battery type cables). For more information and to see some load bank tests in action, you may contact our Sales team to arrange to watch technicians performing load tests for your generators at our facilities or on site testing is available as well.

Wet Stacking
When a diesel generator is not used frequently or is operated only at light load, it may develop unburnt fuel and soot accumulation in the exhaust system. This is called the “wet stack”. When wet stacking occurs, the generating set may malfunction, become damaged, may become a fire hazard, and may even lead to complete failure. During load bank testing, the generator is allowed to operate at full power and full temperature. This will ignite any wet piles. Thus, a load bank test really serves two purposes: 1) it tests the generator to determine if it is working properly and efficiently at all levels; and 2) it removes any wet stacks that may have built up inside the generator.

Benefits of Load Bank Testing
There are a number of reasons generating sets should undergo annual load bank checks, including the following:
• Check the unit’s ability to replace for only regular startup.
• Finding problems early can be much less expensive and prevent major problems in the future.
• Helps avoid wet stacking and cleans carbon deposits.
• Check that the engine cooling system is operating under load.
• Provides assurance that the generating set will function properly when you need it most.

What does a generator load bank test include?
Choon Huat performs load bank checks on every generator we own and sell. At the end of a successful load bank test, we check and verify that the generator is functioning properly.
In addition, we offer our customers a Load Bank Report containing comprehensive and in-depth test results, available on all commercial and industrial generating sets bearing our brand name.

Load Bank Tested Report contains:
• Load kW
• AC voltage
• Hertz
• Oil pressure
• Amperage rating
• Voltage tested
• Additional notes and comments .

During the load bank test, our electrical and mechanical engineers also perform the checks to ensure generator is in excellent working condition.

  1. External components: Check for any obstruction to ventilation, leaks of any fluids, and corrosion of any components.
  2. Coolant levels: If the levels are below the recommended level, top up the coolant fluid mix approved by the manufacturer. Monitor the discharge temperature when the engine is running to ensure the coolant system is functional.
  3. Fuel delivery system: check that the fuel pressure is at the right level when engine is running. Clean fuel filters. Ensure all connection fittings are airtight. Because fuel degrade with time, checks should be carried out monthly via sampling from the supply lines and bottom of the fuel tank. There should be no discernible colour distinction from fresh fuel off the petrol station.
  4. Electrical system: Wires must be clean and free of damage or corrosion, batteries should be holding maximum power capacity and be fully functional.
  5. Test-Run: start the generator and leave it running until the temperature remains constant for at least 10 minutes. Look out for any unusual sounds, movement, smoke, leaks and fuel/oil consumption. To ensure the power generated does not interfere with the the main grid, a generator load bank test should be carried out by qualified technicians.(where power is directed to an external load outside the building’s circuit) Damaged or worn-out parts must be replaced immediately.

Over here at Choon Huat we have always set high standards for reliability. When you purchase and install a generating set in your facility or industrial environment, you need to make sure it will function properly. When you rely on Choon Huat to purchase your generator, you can rest assured that your generator will be up and running at full capacity when it arrives. In addition to load testing, we also perform more complex testing. Our goal is to ensure that our customers have great equipment (new or used) that they can trust.

Loadbank tests for standby generators are available as well, you may contact our sales team through the contact form or visit us directly at our office at 6 Joo Koon Cres/ 15 Neythal Road.