Forklift Safety At Construction Sites

Over the past few years accidents relating to forklifts at construction sites are common and often reoccurring. These accidents could have been caused by either equipment or human error or a combination of both.

As a machinery provider to these work sites we have visible safety warnings pasted on our machines and always remind our customers that only those with the proper certifications can operate the forklift.

We do play our part in safety by ensuring that each and every forklift is serviced frequently onsite and a thorough inspection and servicing is done for every returning machine inside our workshop.

We believe that a key feature to prevent these lethal accidents is the use of Clark Forklifts which has wet disc brakes

As compared to conventional forklifts, Clark Forklifts equipped with wet disc brakes are:

-Safer and more reliable in heavy-duty or wet applications

-Last at least 5 times longer as compared to traditional brakes

-Almost maintenance free

-Reduced brake temperature during braking

-Results in less driver fatigue

Video on Wet Disc Brakes made by Clark :

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