Cost Saving Diesel Generators

Synchronizing Generator with load sharing system allows for our clients to effectively utilize the generators to achieve optimal fuel consumption at any point of time.

  1. Diesel saving – Achieve fuel efficiency with auto detection of reduced load and usage of generator units during low load period
  2. Load Demand – Able to regulate the number of generators used based on a variation of load demand throughout the day
  3. Zero Downtime –  Allow gradual transfer of power from 1 source to another without power supply interruption
  4. Fully Automatic System – Plug and play concept where generator operations are pre-set fully automatic functions, no manpower required which avoid mishandling issues
  5. Built in large Fuel tank- Customized generators with enlarged fuel tanks allowing customer to reduce number of fuel top up trips by diesel supplier also reducing the transport costs
  6. NEA Approved Generator- Brand New 2021/2022 generators which complies with Singapore’s National Environment Agency on emission regulations, comes along with NEA licensed and letter.