At Choon Huat Engineering, we are excited to announce the expansion of our Infinity Cube fleet. This move allows us to better support projects to attain maximum sustainability.

What Are Infinity Cubes?

The Infinity Cube are an advanced battery energy storage systems (BESS) designed to store and manage energy efficiently. They help reduce carbon footprints by storing renewable energy and providing reliable power, making them perfect for sustainable projects.

They are great for applications that have alternating loads as they can be synchronised with other power supplies to deliver high output for short periods of time.

Why the Expansion?

We have seen a growing demand for sustainable solutions from businesses and government bodies alike. By expanding our fleet, we are able to support more projects, from green buildings to renewable energy installations.


With these new Infinity Cubes, we can complete projects more quickly and affordably, all while minimising environmental impact.

This not only reduces cost but also benefits the users by allowing their projects to fit with the green requirements that are starting to become a trend in the built industry.

Looking Ahead

Our investment in these additional Infinity Cubes demonstrates our commitment to a sustainable future. By increasing our capacity, we are leading the charge in eco-friendly engineering and construction.


At Choon Huat Engineering, expanding our fleet of Infinity Cubes strengthens our ability to support more sustainable projects, benefiting both the environment and our clients. We are proud to be at the forefront of green engineering solutions.

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