LED Lighting Tower

If you’re using your lights for one-day or weekend events, the runtime might not be that important, but on a construction site you might want a more efficient model to save on fuel costs and stop you from having to refuel as often.

A standard diesel-powered lighting tower with metal halide lamps will generally have a shorter runtime and requires higher diesel consumption. 

In comparison, LED lighting towers often offer longer runtimes as well, as these bulbs require less power.

Also, LED lamps offer extra durability compare to metal halide, the expected lifetime is more than 30,000 working hours. Therefore, for extreme environments or heavy duty use, for example in construction, LED is the recommended choice as it provides enhanced coverage, reduced fuel consumption and extended running hours.

Choon Huat’s model PL4/40L – 400 watts x 4 LED bulbs offer a 50% increase in fuel capacity and runtime, delivering additional hours of operation compared to standard models.