BOBCAT S150/S510

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Technical Specifications

Model BOBCAT S150, BOBCAT S510
Fuel tank capacity 90.8l, 93.8l
Make / Model KUBOTA V2403
Weight 2692kg, 2818kg

Brand Variations

Brand Name: Bobcat


The Bobcat® S510 skid-steer loader is the first model in the popular 500 frame size. The radius lift path delivers the reach and visibility you need for dumping over a wall, backfilling or loading flatbed trucks, making it a popular choice for excavating and earth-moving work. The S510 features a Tier 4 Interim.


  • Environmental friendly, comply to NEA Emission Standard – EU Stage II, US Tier II or Japan Tier I
  • Diesel Mix Water Protection, prevent damage to fuel pump & injectors, which are very costly.
  • Low Fuel Auto-Stop, prevent air lock

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