Tuas Water Reclamation Plant: Delivery of Brand New 600KVA Generators

Check out our Brand New Generator 600kva with synchronizing capability to support zero down time for customer’s influent pumping station at Tuas Water Reclamation Plant (TWRP)!
All our diesel generators are NEA-Approved & comply with Singapore’s emission standard for off-road diesel engine, installed with enhancement features to protect against common site management issues such as diesel mix with water & air lock.
New Features
– Built-in spill containment
– Large fuel tank capacity 1500L
What’s there at TUAS?

PUB: The advanced Tuas WRP will receive used water flows from the western part of Singapore by gravity via two separate deep tunnels – a tunnel to convey domestic (municipal) used water and another to convey high-strength industrial used water. These two sources of used water will be treated separately.


Domestic used water will be treated at a 650,000m3/day (or 143 mgd) module and then further purified to NEWater, while industrial used water will be treated at a 150,000m3/day (or 33mgd) module to become industrial water and sent back to industries for reuse. ​

A total of five deep shafts will be constructed at the Tuas Water Reclamation Plant to house 26 large capacity pumps. The largest pump has a capacity of 195,000 cubic metres a day, able to fill 78 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The pumping stations will be equipped to pump domestic and industrial used water from deep sewerage tunnels to the plant separately for treatment. While domestic used water will be treated before being purified further to NEWater, industrial used water will be treated and supplied to industries for reuse.

PUB said the DTSS Phase 2 project is an ambitious S$6.5 billion infrastructure project which looks to boost Singapore’s water sustainability through the reclamation and recycling of water in an endless cycle. The first phase of the project was completed in 2008.
Yong Wei Hin, Director, DTSS Phase 2, PUB, said the pumping stations are the focal point that link the DTSS Phase 2 tunnels with the Tuas Water Reclamation Plant.

“Our goal is to ensure the sustainability and resilience of the used water system to facilitate large-scale water reclamation and recycling in Singapore, and the award of this contract brings us one step closer to it,” Mr Yong added.

You can read more about the project here:

Moving forward, Choon Huat Engineering has been awarded several contracts to supply 600 & 800 KVA NEA-approved units to support the projects at TWRP, this is due to our customer’s continued trust and support in Choon Huat products and our young equipment fleet ready for rental & sales.