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Maintenance free Wet disc brakes


Having a forklift equipped with wet disc brakes is a question that keeps coming up in the material handling industry.  What are the benefits of a wet disc braking system in your forklift and what do these benefits give you?

Wet disc braking system compared to a dry braking system.  

Wet brakes run in oil.  The oil keeps them cool especially in heavy braking applications.  Wet brakes will last longer, require less adjustment and maintenance over time.  Most wet brakes are a multiple disc set-up providing more stopping power, and improving all around safety.

Dry brakes are mostly single disc or drum.  These types of braking systems heat up quickly under heavy use and wear out fast.  Having to replace once a year under constant usage, this really increases the cost of parts and labour over the lifetime of the truck.

Benefits of a Clark forklift wet disc braking system;

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Less downtime
  • Less lost production and costly overtime
  • 5 times the braking surface that you get on the standard drum and shoe brakes on conventional forklifts

The difference

If you run your forklift 1000 hours per year for 5 years, you can save $1000 per year on brake work.  With savings of $5000 over the 5 year period, huge savings just on brakes!

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