As of September 2020, we have selected Newpower Pte Ltd to design and supply us with a range of diesel generators for our rental business. Newpower generator’s benefits such as the larger fuel tanks, synchronizing technology, quiet and low emission diesel engines are features that our customers prioritize and need most. Moving ahead with Choon Huat’s commitment to renewing the rental fleet, Newpower generators will play a core role in this transformation. Our in-house research and feedback provided by our clients currently using Newpower generators confirms the benefits above and are delighted with the aesthetically pleasing design.


Newpower Pte Ltd services:

  • Supply, installation and testing of Newpower Standby Generator units
  • Onsite servicing and maintenance of generators
  • Configuration of remote monitoring and control of Standby Generator
  • Customization of Standby generator
  • Hoisting and site survey of generator

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