Tired of grappling with inadequate lighting at your construction site or outdoor event? We have the perfect solution for you: LED tower lights.

Many industries struggle to achieve adequate illumination, especially during nighttime or in remote areas. This is where the LED tower lights step in, offering a brilliant solution.

The benefits of the LED tower lights are undeniable.

Firstly, they are energy-efficient, consuming up to 80% less energy than traditional lighting systems. This not only saves money but also reduces the carbon footprint, making them an eco-friendly choice.

Additionally, LED tower lights provide exceptional brightness and clarity, ensuring a well-lit environment for enhanced safety and productivity. Their long-lasting LED bulbs reduce maintenance costs and downtime, and they’re incredibly reliable, with instant start-up and no warm-up time.

Choon Huat’s LED Tower Lights also comes with a variety of features guaranteed to make the user experience much more pleasant. These versatile and eco-conscious lighting solutions stand out for their remarkable benefits and impressive features, making them an invaluable asset in various industries.

The benefits:

Environmentally Friendly

These towers are designed to be environmentally friendly, ensuring compliance with strict standards such as the NEA Emission Standard, EU Stage II, US Tier II, or Japan Tier I. By significantly reducing emissions and minimizing environmental impact, they provide a greener lighting option.

Diesel Mix Water Protection

Protecting your equipment from costly damage is a priority, and these lighting towers come equipped with Diesel Mix Water Protection. This feature prevents water from entering the fuel system, safeguarding the fuel pump and injectors, ultimately saving you from hefty repair bills.

Low Fuel Auto-Stop

Airlocks and fuel wastage are common issues with some lighting towers. Choon Huat’s LED towers feature Low Fuel Auto-Stop, ensuring uninterrupted operation by preventing airlocks and enhancing overall efficiency.

Low Diesel Consumption

Efficiency doesn’t stop at the prevention of airlocks; these towers also boast low diesel consumption. This not only saves you money but also reduces the frequency of refueling, increasing operational productivity.


NEA Approved

Choon Huat’s LED lighting towers have gained approval from the National Environment Agency (NEA), attesting to their compliance with stringent environmental regulations.

Steel Rack & Cover Protection

These towers are built to last, featuring robust steel racks and protective covers that can withstand the harshest of conditions.

Built-in Drip Tray

The towers come with a built-in drip tray, preventing oil and fuel spills and further contributing to a cleaner, safer workspace.

LED Technology & 360 Degree Rotation

With cutting-edge LED technology, Choon Huat’s towers offer exceptional brightness and coverage. The 360-degree rotation capability allows for precise and flexible lighting placement.

Instant On & Off of LED Lights

Quick response time is a crucial factor, and these towers deliver with instant on/off functionality for the LED lights, eliminating the wait time.

Swivel Tyres

Easy mobility is essential on the job site. The swivel tyres of these lighting towers make them highly manoeuvrable and versatile.

Adding to their versatility, these LED lighting towers are available in two sizes: 100W and 400W, catering to various lighting needs.

Choon Huat’s LED lighting towers are a testament to their commitment to providing efficient, eco-friendly, and high-performance equipment. With their impressive benefits and features, these lighting towers are ready to shine a light on your projects, ensuring well-lit, productive, and eco-conscious workspaces.

We hope to in provide cost-effective, sustainable, and high-performance equipment for our valued customers.

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In a remarkable achievement, Choon Huat Engineering Pte Ltd is proud to announce that we have reached a significant milestone by successfully providing 150 sets of synchronising generators to our valued customers. This momentous accomplishment underscores our commitment to excellence and our dedication to meeting the evolving energy needs of our clients.

Synchronizing generators play a pivotal role in ensuring uninterrupted power supply and optimal energy management for various industries, and we are honoured to have earned the trust of 150 satisfied customers.

Our success wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of our clients, the dedication of our skilled workforce, and our unyielding commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions. At Choon Huat Engineering, we understand that reliability and efficiency are paramount, and we remain steadfast in our mission to provide top-tier products and services to our ever-expanding clientele.

We express our sincere gratitude to all our customers who have placed their trust in us. This milestone serves as a testament to our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation, and it motivates us to continue raising the bar in the energy solutions industry.

As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to the opportunities ahead, where we can continue to deliver reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions to businesses and industries across the region.

To know more about the synchronising generator you can watch this video

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In an age where environmental consciousness is paramount, Choon Huat Engineering Pte Ltd is pioneering a remarkable transformation in Singapore’s construction industry. With a resolute commitment to sustainability, our company is embarking on an ambitious journey to greenify our fleet of construction machinery, setting new standards for eco-friendly operations.

Central to this endeavour is Choon Huat Engineering’s unwavering investment in electric forklifts. These innovative machines are more than just a change in machinery; they signify a paradigm shift towards a greener, cleaner future. By embracing electric forklifts, Choon Huat is significantly reducing carbon emissions, noise pollution, and harmful fumes that have long been associated with traditional construction equipment.

The impact of this initiative goes far beyond numbers. Electric forklifts not only contribute to cleaner air and a quieter environment, but they also create a more conducive work atmosphere for machine operators. Imagine a scenario where operators can work without the constant drone of engines and the lingering smell of exhaust fumes. Choon Huat Engineering is turning this vision into reality, placing the well-being of its workforce at the heart of its sustainable practices.

However, the company’s commitment towards sustainable solutions doesn’t stop at forklifts. Choon Huat Engineering has an exciting roadmap that promises larger electric machines tailored to the Singaporean market.

These machines will offer a double-edged advantage—significantly lower noise levels and the complete absence of emissions. By providing operators with a quieter, healthier, and more productive work environment, we are not just aiming to make strides in sustainability but also enhancing the overall quality of work.

Choon Huat Engineering’s eco-conscious journey is not just an investment in machinery; it’s an investment in a brighter, greener future. We are dedicated to reducing the industry’s carbon footprint while fostering a more humane work environment for the construction sector.

As our company continues to introduce more environment friendly construction machinery, we don’t want to just build structures; we want to build a sustainable legacy that harmonises with the environment and empowers the workforce.

In the dynamic landscape of Singapore’s infrastructure development, Shindaiwa Welders have emerged as a vital asset for the ambitious Cross Island Line (CRL) projects undertaken by the Land Transport Authority (LTA). Renowned for their exceptional quality and performance, Shindaiwa Welders are contributing to the seamless execution of these critical endeavors.

Choon Huat Engineering Pte Ltd, a prominent player in providing top-notch machinery solutions, plays a significant role in this equation. Their involvement in supplying NEA-Approved machines that prioritize environmental sustainability aligns perfectly with the nation’s commitment towards green initiatives. These Shindaiwa Welders are designed to minimise noise and carbon emissions, ensuring that the construction activities associated with the CRL projects have a reduced ecological footprint.

What sets Shindaiwa Welders apart is their innovative design, featuring low voltage 110V sockets and a voltage reducing device (VRD). This unique feature enhances safety by minimizing the risk of electric shocks, making them particularly suitable for complex construction environments. The inclusion of these safety measures underscores the meticulous approach taken by both Shindaiwa and Choon Huat to prioritise worker well-being and project efficiency.

As the Cross Island Line projects continues to shape Singapore’s transportation landscape, the benefits of Shindaiwa Welders supplied by Choon Huat Engineering become increasingly evident. The fusion of cutting-edge technology, environmental responsibility, and a focus on safety underscores the industry’s commitment to achieving excellence in infrastructure while upholding Singapore’s reputation for innovation and sustainability.

In the heart of Singapore lies Jurong Island, a beacon of innovation and progress that has become synonymous with the nation’s commitment to sustainable development. As Singapore sets its sights on a low carbon future, Jurong Island stands as a shining example of how industrial growth and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand.

The island’s efforts towards this ambitious goal have recently taken a notable stride with the construction of new, environmentally conscious plants. These facilities are not merely structures; they embody Singapore’s vision for a cleaner, greener future. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking design principles, these plants are raising the bar for sustainability standards in the industry.

We, Choon Huat Engineering Pte Ltd, a company deeply rooted in the ethos of progress and innovation, has been an instrumental player in realising Jurong Island’s green initiatives. In support of the island’s pursuit of a low carbon future, Choon Huat is supplying a synchronising generator system—a technology that showcases the integration of efficiency and sustainability. This system allows for optimal management of power distribution, reducing energy wastage and furthering the island’s commitment to conservation.

As Jurong Island paves the way for responsible industrial growth, Choon Huat’s contribution with the synchronising generator system is a testament to our dedication to fostering environmental stewardship within the construction landscape.

In conclusion, Singapore’s Jurong Island is blazing a trail towards a low carbon future, setting the stage for a harmonious coexistence of industrial progress and environmental preservation. The island’s focus on innovative green technologies, coupled with Choon Huat Engineering’s support through the synchronising generator system, is a clear demonstration of how collective efforts can drive us closer to a more sustainable tomorrow.

Choon Huat Engineering Pte Ltd is proud to announce a significant expansion of our equipment fleet with the addition of 10 units of Clark 3 ton Forklifts.

This remarkable acquisition propels our inventory to surpass 100 units of the same model, marking a milestone in our commitment to providing top-tier machinery solutions. The decision to enhance our inventory with these versatile forklifts underscores our dedication to meeting diverse industrial needs, offering efficient material handling and logistics solutions.

This achievement not only showcases our dedication to staying at the forefront of equipment offerings but also solidifies our position as a leading provider of reliable machinery for various sectors.

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In an era marked by escalating energy demands and a pressing need for sustainability, the Infinity Cube, also known as a, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), have emerged as a pioneering solution that holds immense promise for the energy landscape of the future.

The Infinity Cube represents a transformative technology that not only addresses the challenges of intermittent renewable energy sources but also offers a range of benefits across industries and communities.

At its core, the Infinity Cube harnesses the power of advanced battery technologies to store excess energy generated during periods of low demand. This stored energy can then be deployed when demand surges or renewable sources like solar or wind power experience interruptions due to weather conditions.

This vital capability enhances the reliability and stability of power grids, mitigating the impact of power fluctuations and ensuring a consistent supply of electricity.

And this is just the one of the main benefits of the Infinity Cube. Check out the full video below to know more about how the Infinity Cube can revolutionise the industries and communities.

Infinity Cube – Why you need the sustainable Battery Energy Storage System!

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Jurong Island, Singapore’s industrial hub and a critical nerve center for the nation’s economy, undergoes an annual shutdown that plays a pivotal role in maintaining its operational excellence. This scheduled maintenance period, where industries halt their regular operations temporarily, allows for crucial upkeep, inspections, and improvements that ensure the island’s continued efficiency and safety.

One of the primary objectives of the annual shutdown is safety enhancement. Industries dealing with hazardous materials or complex machinery are required to adhere to stringent safety regulations. During the maintenance season, experts conduct thorough inspections, perform preventive maintenance, and replace worn-out components. This proactive approach mitigates the risk of accidents and ensures that all safety protocols are up to date.

To perform the maintenance and repair works, companies will need various machineries such as generators, welding machines, light towers and so on. This is where Choon Huat Engineering Pte Ltd plays a crucial role in the annual shutdown project by delivering essential equipments and machineries vital for the successful execution of maintenance activities.

Renowned for our commitment to quality, we proudly supply 99% brand-new and meticulously maintained equipment that adheres to the highest safety standards. Prior to delivery, each piece of machinery undergoes rigorous inspections within our premises to ensure optimal performance and compliance.

Our dedication to safety extends to inviting certified safety officers who conduct thorough inspections into our workshop, allowing us to make any necessary adjustments before dispatching the equipment. This meticulous approach guarantees an impeccable acceptance rate of 100% on-site.

Furthermore, our efficient operations team excels in preparing and delivering a substantial volume of machines simultaneously, ensuring seamless support during the shutdown period. Choon Huat Engineering’s unwavering commitment to providing top-tier, reliable equipment and service support plays an integral role in to help companies achieve a fruitful shutdown maintenance.

In conclusion, Jurong Island’s annual shutdown for maintenance is a strategic endeavour that underlines the island’s commitment to operational excellence, safety, technological advancement, and environmental sustainability. By dedicating time and resources to this comprehensive maintenance period, industries on the island ensure their continued success while contributing to Singapore’s overall economic resilience and global industrial leadership.

In the fast-paced world of construction, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability are crucial. The integration of advanced technologies has revolutionised the industry, and one such innovation that has gained significant attention is the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

At Choon Huat, we strive to provide high quality machineries, that brings value to the user. Our latest addition, the, Infinity Cube, is not only a battery energy storage system, but it can also be synchronised with a diesel generator!

The Infinity Cube provides numerous benefits to construction sites, ranging from cost savings and increased productivity to environmental sustainability. In this article, we explore why and how the Infinity Cube is beneficial for a construction site.

Ensuring Reliable Power Supply

Construction sites often face challenges in accessing a reliable power supply, especially during initial stages or when operating in remote locations. The Infinity Cube acts as an independent power source, offering uninterrupted power supply for critical operations.

It ensures that essential tools, machinery, and equipment remain operational, eliminating downtime caused by power outages or unreliable electrical grids. With the Infinity Cube, construction workers can work efficiently, adhering to strict project schedules and minimise delays.

Load Management & Peak Shaving

Construction sites have varying power demands throughout the day. During peak periods, power consumption can surge, leading to high energy costs and potential strain on the electrical grid.

The Infinity Cube allows construction companies to optimise their energy usage by storing excess power during low-demand periods and deploying it during peak times. This load management technique helps reduce peak demand charges and ensures efficient energy utilisation, resulting in significant cost savings.

Mitigating Power Fluctuations

Heavy machinery, such as cranes and excavators, can cause substantial power fluctuations when starting or stopping. These fluctuations may disrupt operations, damage equipment, and even cause grid instability.

By integrating the Infinity Cube into the construction site’s electrical system, it acts as a buffer to absorb these sudden changes in power demand, providing a stable and consistent power supply. This mitigates the risk of power disruptions, minimises equipment wear and tear, and enhances overall safety on the site.

Environmental Sustainability

The construction industry is increasingly embracing sustainable practices to reduce its carbon footprint. Introducing the Infinity Cube aligns with these objectives by promoting clean energy adoption.

The Infinity Cube enables the integration of renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind, on the construction site. Excess energy generated by renewables can be stored in the battery system, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Construction companies can demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility by utilising the Infinity Cube, enhancing their reputation and contributing to a greener future.

Noise Reduction

Construction sites are notorious for generating noise pollution, which can be a significant concern for nearby communities or sensitive areas. Traditional diesel generators or loud machinery can contribute to noise levels that disturb residents or violate local regulations.

By utilising the Infinity Cube, construction sites can significantly reduce noise pollution. Electrically powered equipment, when supplied by a battery system, operates silently, fostering a more harmonious relationship with the surrounding environment and communities.


The adoption of Battery Energy Storage Systems represents a significant leap forward in construction site operations. From ensuring a reliable power supply to managing peak demand, mitigating power fluctuations, promoting sustainability, and reducing noise pollution, the benefits of the Infinity Cube for construction sites are numerous and impactful.

As the industry continues to embrace advanced technologies and prioritise environmental responsibility, integrating the Infinity Cube becomes a key consideration for any construction project. By harnessing the power of energy storage, construction sites can power progress while reducing costs, improving efficiency, and leaving a greener footprint on the planet.

At Choon Huat, we strive to provide high quality machineries and great service. With well maintained machineries, and a responsive team of customer service operators and mechanics, you can leave your worries with us.

Quality is our utmost priority. We meticulously maintain and inspect our equipment to ensure that every machine we rent is in optimal condition. Our skilled technicians conduct regular maintenance and safety checks, guaranteeing that you receive equipment that operates at peak efficiency and meets the most stringent safety requirements.

In the case any issues arise, we provide service within 3 hours to help minimise the lost of operation cost on your end allowing the construction crews to resume their work swiftly. With our high quality and service standards, you can rest assured that we will try to resolve all technical problems and reduce disruption to your operations.


Cost Saving Electric Forklift

What are electric forklifts? Electric forklifts are forklifts that run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, whereas traditional forklifts run on diesel fuel. This allows for lesser to no greenhouse gas emissions, making them environmentally friendly and also more economical with rising fuel costs.

The latest addition to our range of forklifts is the New Power electric forklift, which comes in two sizes, 3 ton and 5 ton, to suit your various needs. Though they are electrical, their build quality is not lacking in any way! With a battery voltage of 80 volts and 153.6 volts, they last a long time after each full charge. And no, they do not take forever to fully charge; only less than 30 minutes, and it’s good to go!

The New Power electric forklift is built with the user in mind; its design is smart and safe, ensuring ease of use and safety on all fronts! To better understand how good it is, we need to look at the product.

The two forklifts may differ in size, but they both offer large boarding and foot operation spaces for comfortable operation. The driving experience has also been improved by the ultra-low-torque steering gear and lighter steering operation. This allows for a better user experience as it causes less fatigue, which leads to more productivity and efficiency, which is always a plus!

As safety is a priority, the two forklifts come with various safety features.

With the 3-ton forklift, safety features such as steering deceleration that reduces the risk of turning over, a rear handle with horn switch for safer reversing, an optimized mast, and a pressed overhead guard for improved visibility will help to ensure the user’s safety.

And for the 5 ton, an emergency power-off switch in case of emergency, a high-efficiency liquid cooling and heat dissipation system ensuring that the forklift doesn’t overheat, and system-level high-voltage safety protection

Last but not least, both forklifts use an AC motor. As an AC motor has a long lifetime, less downtime, and no wearable parts, it is reliable and cost-effective, as it significantly reduces maintenance costs and will last a long time.

As you can see, the electric forklift should not be overlooked and will definitely be a valuable machine!

At Choon Huat, we provide a one-stop maintenance and service centre for all your material handling equipment needs.

Our experienced mechanics are well-equipped to handle any problems that you encounter with your forklift. Whether you require repair services for your forklift battery, tire or transmission system, our crew is able to help you. Our forklift repair services can either be done on-site at your premise or at our factory. Depending on whether your forklift requires major or minor repairs, our crew will make the necessary recommendations.

With our high quality and service standards, you can rest assured that we will try to resolve all technical problems and reduce disruption to your daily operations.